A globe trotter by calling and an interior designer by profession I've always had two bugs in me fighting for my attention: a creative one and a travel one. This blog is an attempt to finally unite both of them into a joint force and share my travel moments with others through writing and photography. These two hobbies create a link between the knowledge and expertise that I gain through my daily work in interior design and the inspiration that I draw from visiting amazing places around the world.

While architecture and design always make an inseparable part of my travels and feed my professional curiosity, it is always the nature that triggers my imagination and nurtures my creativity most of all. That's why for every trip I plan I usually try to come up with an itinerary that would combine both: the great masterpieces that were conceived by human genius and the phenomena that were formed by unruly and powerful forces of nature. There are also instances when both of them go hand in hand to create real wonders that fuel our fantasy. Like, for example, Machu Picchu or Petra. And when I see them in real life I get so overwhelmed with emotion that I want to share these moments with others through telling stories.