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Hello and welcome to my blog! I am Evgeniya, an avid traveler, and a passionate story-teller. I have created this blog as a platform to share my travel experiences with like-minded people. People who, like me, love adventure and enjoy learning through traveling. I hope to encourage my readers to discover new exciting destinations and be inspired, in return, to visit places that I have not yet seen myself.

Even though I cannot call myself a full-time traveler, exploring the world has long been my biggest hobby and passion. I have traveled for work, to study, and on holidays. I also lived in different countries for a while. However, even now that I am settled in Moscow, I cannot resist my wanderlust and go on regular trips to discover new places. Sometimes, I leave for a weekend. At other times, I take longer breaks of several months to visit far-away countries and immerse more deeply into their local life.

Yet, whether it is a short or a long trip, I always prefer to get off the beaten paths and gain a more authentic experience of each place I visit. I try to think out of the box. Instead of jumping from one famous landmark to another, I search for less trodden routes and hidden gems that are not always obvious to the eyes of a hasty tourist. Or, I try to look at the same famous landmarks from a different “more local” perspective.

Not everyone can or should become a full-time nomad for different reasons. Yet, whether we travel short or long-term, it can be an extremely gratifying activity that enriches us as human beings. Even a weekend getaway can be turned into a memorable adventure. So what really matters is to learn how to make the most of your traveling experience, regardless of the length of your trip.

In my stories, I recount my personal impressions about the places I have visited and share some practical tips to help you plan your own extraordinary journey to some of the most amazing spots on this planet. I also encourage you to think out of the ordinary, get rid of stereotypes, and be more adventurous when you travel. Do not hesitate to go out there and experience the local culture first-hand, instead of looking at it from your bus or hotel window.

I love photography and take a lot of photos to keep records of my trips. That is why I only use my own photos to illustrate my stories.

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