Myths and Legends of Titicaca: Travelling Around the Most Mysterious Lake in South America

There is no other lake so deeply steeped in myths and legends as the famed Lago Titicaca in South America. In many ways, this natural wonder is unique. If one needs to describe it, only the superlatives come to mind: the deepest lake located in the high mountains, the largest freshwater lake in South America, the highest navigable lake in the world, and, of course, the most mysterious lake on our planet.

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Lost in Mystery: Tiwanaku Archeological Site Tour

Lying on the south-eastern shore of the legendary Titicaca Lake, Tiwanaku Archeological Site is the only living testimony to one of the most powerful empire states in pre-Columbian America. Today, little is known about the people who inhabited the area 1000 – 1500 years ago. A lot of what is known is surrounded by myths and fantasies. However, no matter how scarce and incomplete the remaining physical evidence is, it attests to the greatness of civilization that was advanced beyond its age.

Inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2000, Tiwanaku has been a site of extensive excavations for more than 100 years. Even though the remaining ruins do not have the grandeur of Machu Picchu, visiting Tiwanaku on a one-day tour from La Paz is a must, particularly, if you are a history geek or, like me, fascinated with ancient indigenous cultures. There are a few things that will definitely keep you wondering about the secrets of this mysterious civilization.

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