Titicaca Lake Featured Image
Myths and Legends of Titicaca: Travelling Around the Most Mysterious Lake in South America
There is no other lake so deeply steeped in myths and legends as the famed Lago Titicaca in South America. In many ways, this natural wonder is unique. If one needs to describe it, only the superlatives come to mind:
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Lost in Mystery: Tiwanaku Archeological Site Tour
Lying on the south-eastern shore of the legendary Titicaca Lake, Tiwanaku Archeological Site is the only living testimony to one of the most powerful empire states in pre-Columbian America. Today, little is known about the people who inhabited the area
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La Paz View
Top Attractions in La Paz
Just like the whole country, Bolivia’s de facto capital La Paz gives its visitors mixed feelings. On one hand, the moment you set your foot here, the polluted streets and decrepit buildings remind you that you are in a third-world
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Salar de Uyuni: Eduardo Avaroa Andean Fauna National Reserve (Part II)
In the Bolivian Altiplano, there are a lot of places that can dazzle you with their beauty. The Salar de Uyuni is, certainly, the most famous among them. Yet, it is not the sole attraction that draws the hordes of
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Salar de Uyuni: Where Heaven and Earth Meet (Part I)
If you ask me to name just one place on earth that impressed me most, without a second thought, I would say Salar de Uyuni. Well, at least, among all those places that I have visited myself. This extraordinary nature’s
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Devil at the Oruro Parade
Oruro Carnival: Blending Ancient Traditions and Modern Glitz
Every year, in late February or early March, the sleepy mining town of Oruro, located in the middle of the Bolivian Altiplano region, all of a sudden comes to life with wild celebrations. The weekend before Ash Wednesday, its usually
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