Top Places to Visit in Santiago
Santiago usually serves as a gateway to Chile’s top tourist attractions: incredibly beautiful nature spots and world-famous national parks. In fact, Protected Wilderness Areas make nearly 20 % of the country. That is why most visitors usually pass through the
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El Tatio Featured Image
Breathing Earth: Exploring El Tatio Geysers in Northern Chile
There are few places on our planet where you can literally watch the Earth breathing. In my opinion, El Tatio in Northern Chile is definitely one of the best locations to experience this rare phenomenon. With the concentration of 67
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Take Me to the Moon: Visit to the Moon and Mars Valleys in the Atacama Desert
If you have ever fantasized about traveling in space and visiting the other planets, taking a trip to the Atacama Desert in Northern Chile is so far the closest you can get to realize your dream. Wedged between two mountain
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