Titicaca Lake Featured Image
Myths and Legends of Titicaca: Travelling Around the Most Mysterious Lake in South America
There is no other lake so deeply steeped in myths and legends as the famed Lago Titicaca in South America. In many ways, this natural wonder is unique. If one needs to describe it, only the superlatives come to mind:
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All You Need To Know For Your Visit to Machu Picchu
So faraway and mysterious, or, at least, seen as such from our good old Europe, South America is replete with wonders that have taken the imagination of us, Europeans, for centuries. The ancient town of Machu Picchu is, certainly, one
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The Classic Inca Trail: My Personal Experience
The 4-day Classic Inca Trail usually tops the list of best treks in the world. It has also become the most sought-after and difficult-to-get-to mountain trail in the world due to the limit on visitor numbers, imposed by the Peruvian
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